Ursolic acid
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Ursolic acid
Physiochemical Data
CAS # 77-52-1
Molecular formula C30H48O3
Molecular weight [g/mol] 456.71
Synonyms Bungeolic acid
Substance class Isoprenoids
Subgroup 1 Terpenoid-type
Subgroup 2 Triterpenes
Subgroup 3 Triterpene sapogenins
Specification and Notes
Certification This substance is a primary reference substance with assigned absolute purity (considering chromatographic purity, water, residual solvents, inorganic impurities).
Long-term storage room temperature
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Safety and Transport
Danger symbol -
Signal word -
Hazard statement -
Dangerous good No
Hazardous materials class -
Package group -
UN # -
Transport conditions ambient conditions
Customs tariff code 29181998
Commodity description carboxylic acid with alcohol function
Occurrence (botanical name) Agrimonia sp.
Antennaria sp.
Aralia sp.
Arbutus sp.
Arctium sp.
Arctostaphylos sp.
Berberis sp.
Bursera sp.
Calamintha sp.
Calluna sp.
Castanea sp.
Catalpa sp.
Cecropia sp.
Chimaphila sp.
Chionanthus sp.
Corchorus sp.
Cornus sp.
Crataegus sp.
Crocus sp.
Epilobium sp.
Fraxinus sp.
Glechoma sp.
Hydnocarpus sp.
Hyssopus sp.
Ilex sp.
Jacaranda sp.
Knautia sp.
Lavandula sp.
Leonurus sp.
Lycopus sp.
Mallotus sp.
Melaleuca sp.
Melissa sp.
Mentha sp.
Morinda sp.
Nardostachys sp.
Nepeta sp.
Nerium sp.
Ocimum sp.
Origanum sp.
Potentilla sp.
Punica sp.
Rhododendron sp.
Rosa sp.
Rosmarinus sp.
Salvia sp.
Sambucus sp.
Sanguisorba sp.
Sarcopoterium sp.
Satureja sp.
Schinus sp.
Shorea sp.
Sorbus sp.
Strophanthus sp.
Tecoma sp.
Thymus sp.
Uncaria sp.
Urtica sp.
Vaccinium sp.
Viburnum sp.
Vinca sp.
Viola sp.
Viscum sp.
Vitex sp.