trans-Ferulic acid
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trans-Ferulic acid
Physiochemical Data
CAS # 537-98-4
Molecular formula C10H10O4
Molecular weight [g/mol] 194.19
Synonyms Coniferic acid; 4-Hydroxy 3-methoxy trans-cinnamic acid
Substance class Phenylpropanes
Subgroup 1 Cinnamic acid derivatives
Specification and Notes
Certification This substance is a primary reference substance with assigned absolute purity (considering chromatographic purity, water, residual solvents, inorganic impurities).
Long-term storage room temperature
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Safety and Transport
Danger symbol
Signal word Warning
Hazard statement H315, H319, H335
Dangerous good No
Hazardous materials class -
Package group -
UN # -
Transport conditions ambient conditions
Customs tariff code 29189990
Commodity description carboxylic acid with additional oxygen functions
Occurrence (botanical name) Abies sp.
Allium sp.
Anagallis sp.
Angelica sp.
Apium sp.
Avena sp.
Brassica sp.
Bupleurum sp.
Calendula sp.
Catalpa sp.
Chamaemelum sp.
Cichorium sp.
Cicuta sp.
Cimicifuga sp.
Cinnamomum sp.
Citrus sp.
Cocos sp.
Consolida sp.
Cornus sp.
Elaeis sp.
Euphorbia sp.
Euphrasia sp.
Ferula sp.
Foeniculum sp.
Geranium sp.
Haematoxylum sp.
Hedera sp.
Humulus sp.
Illicium sp.
Iris sp.
Jacaranda sp.
Linum sp.
Lycopodium sp.
Lycopus sp.
Manihot sp.
Maytenus sp.
Melissa sp.
Mentha sp.
Mentzelia sp.
Musa sp.
Olea sp.
Ononis sp.
Piper sp.
Potentilla sp.
Pterocarpus sp.
Rhododendron sp.
Ricinus sp.
Rosmarinus sp.
Salvia sp.
Sambucus sp.
Scrophularia sp.
Secale sp.
Sesamum sp.
Sinapis sp.
Syzygium sp.
Tanacetum sp.
Thymus sp.
Urtica sp.
Verbascum sp.
Veronica sp.
Virola sp.
Viscum sp.
Zingiber sp.