Kaempferol 3-glucoside
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Kaempferol 3-glucoside
Physiochemical Data
CAS # 480-10-4
Molecular formula C21H20O11
Molecular weight [g/mol] 448.38
Synonyms Astragalin; 3-Glucosylkaempferol; 3,4',5,7-Tetrahydroxyflavone 3-glucoside
Substance class Flavonoids
Subgroup 1 Flavones
Subgroup 2 3-Hydroxyflavones
Subgroup 3 O-Glycosides
Specification and Notes
Certification This substance is a primary reference substance with assigned absolute purity (considering chromatographic purity, water, residual solvents, inorganic impurities).
Long-term storage refrigerated
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Safety and Transport
Danger symbol -
Signal word -
Hazard statement -
Dangerous good No
Hazardous materials class -
Package group -
UN # -
Transport conditions ambient conditions
Customs tariff code 29389090
Commodity description natural glycoside
Occurrence (botanical name) Adiantum sp.
Aesculus sp.
Allium sp.
Alkanna sp.
Arctium sp.
Asplenium sp.
Castanea sp.
Cichorium sp.
Cornus sp.
Cucurbita sp.
Cyamopsis sp.
Dionaea sp.
Equisetum sp.
Eriodictyon sp.
Eryngium sp.
Euphorbia sp.
Geranium sp.
Ginkgo sp.
Glycyrrhiza sp.
Gossypium sp.
Hamamelis sp.
Humulus sp.
Illicium sp.
Lamium sp.
Larix sp.
Laurus sp.
Liquidambar sp.
Liriodendron sp.
Menyanthes sp.
Oenothera sp.
Orchis sp.
Paeonia sp.
Phyllanthus sp.
Phytolacca sp.
Platanus sp.
Primula sp.
Rhamnus sp.
Ribes sp.
Rosa sp.
Sambucus sp.
Sanguisorba sp.
Senecio sp.
Serenoa sp.
Solidago sp.
Syzygium sp.
Tilia sp.
Trigonella sp.
Urtica sp.
Viburnum sp.