Hemslecin A
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Hemslecin A
Physiochemical Data
CAS # 58546-34-2
Molecular formula C32H50O8
Molecular weight [g/mol] 562.75
Synonyms 25-Acetoxy 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F; 25-O-Acetyl 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F; Cucurbitacin IIa; Dihydrocucurbitacin F 25-O-acetate; Dihydrocucurbitacin Q1
Substance class Isoprenoids
Subgroup 1 Terpenoid-type
Subgroup 2 Triterpenes
Subgroup 3 Triterpene sapogenins
Specification and Notes
Certification This substance is a primary reference substance with assigned absolute purity (considering chromatographic purity, water, residual solvents, inorganic impurities).
Long-term storage room temperature
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Safety and Transport
Danger symbol
Signal word Danger
Hazard statement H300
Dangerous good Ja
Hazardous materials class 6.1
Package group II
UN # 2811
Transport conditions ambient conditions
Customs tariff code 29181998
Commodity description carboxylic acid with alcohol function
Occurrence (botanical name) Hemsleya sp.