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Physiochemical Data
CAS # 630-64-8
Molecular formula C29H42O9
Molecular weight [g/mol] 534.64
Synonyms Alleoside A; Deglucoerysimoside; Erysimisin; Erysimotoxin; Strophantidin 3β-digitoxoside
Substance class Isoprenoids
Subgroup 1 Steroid-type
Subgroup 2 Cardenolides & Bufadienolides
Specification and Notes
Certification This substance is a primary reference substance with assigned absolute purity (considering chromatographic purity, water, residual solvents, inorganic impurities).
Long-term storage deep frozen
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Safety and Transport
Danger symbol -
Signal word -
Hazard statement -
Dangerous good No
Hazardous materials class -
Package group -
UN # -
Transport conditions in styrofoam box together with deep frozen gel packs
Customs tariff code 29389090
Commodity description natural glycoside
Occurrence (botanical name) Castilla sp.
Cheiranthus sp.
Corchorus sp.
Erysimum sp.
Hesperis sp.
Sisymbrium sp.
Strophanthus sp.